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Ever wondered what a Funeral Celebrant does for those we serve? 

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I get asked a lot of questions, so let's get you some answers. 

About Phil

What is a Life Tribute Professional?

Some may call me a Funeral Officiant or a Certified Funeral Celebrant, and others still, a Life Tribute Professional. No matter the title, I am the one you can call when a life needs to be memorialized and celebrated in a professional and thoughtful way.  I work with families to tell the stories, create the ceremony, and ensure that lives that were valued are remembered beautifully and professionally. 


What I do?

The role of the Life Tribute Professional is multifaceted and involves spending time getting to know the individual, either prior to their passing, or through the stories and memories as told by those who loved them. Those memories and moments turn into a fully personalized and meaningful tribute to a life worth celebrating. The setting is always up to the family, and can be as simple as a favorite spot at the lake, a larger scale celebration at your local funeral provider, or a chosen banquet facility. 

How can I help you?

As a Celebrant : 

I can work with your family or friends,  throughout the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. I am flexible to the needs of every family, no matter the beliefs or unique needs of a celebration. I can promise that your needs in this time are paramount.  With almost 30 years of experience within the funeral sector, I am well versed in working with funeral professionals, and other contributing parties, to ensure that the time spent honoring your loved one is done both professionally and in a personal tone that will reflect a well lived life.  

As a Life Tribute Consultant: 

I can work with you to orchestrate and organize one of the most difficult times in your families lives.  Working with your needs and wishes, I can facilitate your goals for an end of life celebration that encompasses all the items on your checklist, from the venue to the flowers, piper to the pictures, music to the memories shared,  food to the final thought. 

Whatever your desire for the day, you can rely on my connectivity to build a celebration that is both life honoring and meaningful. Connectivity that takes the burden, of building new relationships or orchestrating details,  off of your shoulders in this already difficult time.  

What Others Have Said


Jill & Family

“Philip Smith was the perfect fit. He invested time with our family, listening to stories, and took many notes. He had a big job to do, but he truly captured the essence of Denis.” 

Laura & Family

"Ur awesome. So many people thought you were a family member or a long time friend. Your delivery of the service was nothing short of amazing. You somehow took the worst day of our lives & made it a beautiful memory for all of us. No one else could have done what you did, the way you did it, Phil."


Your words wove a narrative that did Dan’s life justice. You introduced Dan - the full picture of Dan - to work colleagues, distant relatives, close family and friends. Often people only get to know one dimension of a person, but you brought the full Dan out to everyone. Countless people came up to me and asked “how long has Phil known Dan?” And they’re astounded when they find out you never met him. You have a gift.

Rob & Family

“A ‘HUGE THANKS’ for telling Mom’s story…you did an amazing job Phil!! We received many comments saying the same…some thought you actually knew Mom (but I guess that’s your job).“   


“What a tremendous burden you take on for us at such a time. What strength it takes to do that. And you do it with such grace, skill and compassion…Thank you for taking on that pain for all of us.”

Debbie & Family

“Phillip Smith our Celebrant was able to tell my Dads life story and capture his true spirit without him knowing him personally by carefully listening to my Mother and siblings while meeting us at my home.  By the time the service was complete even if you had never known my father; you would come away feeling like you knew him personally.”

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